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Numerical Chameleon 3.x

the professional unit converter

Core Attributs  
Supported Categories 97
Supported Units 6000+
Precision (Significant Figures / Places of Decimals) 1000
Documentation available in English / in German ✔/✔
First public release 09/2001
Latest public release 02/2020
Free of charge for individuals / students / orgs / commercial users ✔/✔/✔/✔
Free of ads
Free of registration
Free of spionage
No timelimits and no nags
No network traffic for conversions
License GPLv3+
Freeware / Open Source (as per / Free Software (as per ✔/✔/✔
Binaries available / sharing permitted ✔/✔
Source code available / sharing permitted ✔/✔
Source code modifiable / sharing permitted ✔/✔
Additional software required Java 11+
Additional software recommened Java 11+
Additional software is free of charge / Open Source (as per / Free Software (as per ✔/✔/✔
Operating Modes  
Standalone, online (with Internet connection)
Standalone, offline (without Internet connection)
on one computer for one user
on one computer for multiple users
on a server on the Network for multiple users
portable application (e. g. on an USB-stick)
Supported Platforms  
Windows 10 x86 / x64 ✔/✔
Windows Server 2008 R2 / Server 2012 / Server 2016 / Server 2019 ✔/✔/✔/✔
x64 / arm32 ✔/✔
Mac OS X 10.10 / 10.11 ✔/✔
macOS 10.12 / 10.13 /10.14 / 10.15 ✔/✔/✔/✔
AIX ppc64
PC-BSD x64
Supported Installers
Windows: .exe / .msi ✔/−
Linux: .bin / .deb / .rpm / flatpak / snappy ✔/✔/✔/−/−
Unix: .bin / .dmg / .pkg ✔/✔/−
Without installation: .zip / .tar.gz / .tar.bz2 ✔/−/✔
Graphical User Interface
Counting of Categories / Units ✔/✔
Searching of Categories / Units ✔/✔(1)
Filtering of Categoreis / Units ✔/✔(2)
Sorting of Categories / Units (2)/✔(2)
Editing of Categories / Units (2)/✔
Removing of Categoreis / Units (2)/✔(2)
Managing of Favorites / always available (non-modale Dialog) ✔/✔
Support for a localespecific decimal separator (e. g. Comma)
Automatic Converting (Convert while you are typing)
Swapping between "from unit" and "to unit"
Increasing and Decreasing of Values / using the mouse ✔/✔
Undo / Redo ✔/✔
Dialogs and Wizards available for entering input easily (details see below)
Decimal Output / Scientific Output ✔/✔
convert Multiple / All Units of a Categorie ✔/✔
Interval can be specified for a multiple conversion
Output is exportable / Output is customizable ✔/✔
GUI Elements  
Tooltips available / can be disabled ✔/✔
Contextsensitive Menus
Icons available for both Menu and Dialogs
Icons available for the unit (the country where a unit is valid)
Icons available for categories
Windows attributes  
Windows can be resized / Windows size will be saved ✔/✔
Windows can be positioned / Windows position will be saved ✔/✔
Windows is maximizable
Supported Views 5
Supported Skins / Skins extendable 15/✔
Minimum size of the app on the Screen in Pixel 630 x 230
Supported Languages  
English / German / French / Spanish ✔/✔/✔/✔
Potuguese / Italian / Greek / Turkish ✔/✔/✔/✔
Data exchange with other applications  
Copy from the clipboard
Update of Exchange Rates (online) / Update of Exchange Rates (offline) / Supported Exchange Rate Websites ✔/✔/30+
Copy to the clipboard
Copy of Source Unit / Source Unit Value / Target Unit / Target Unit Value to the clipboard ✔/✔/✔/✔
Fileexport for editors (UTF-8 / UTF-16-le / UTF-16-be) ✔/✔/✔
Fileexport for word processing software (Word, LibreOffice, etc.)
Fileexport for spread sheet software (Excel, LibreOffice, etc.) (3)
Fileexport to the browser (as HTML)
Fileexport of calendar data (iCal / vCal / xCal / dtcm / outlook / TWiki) ✔/✔/✔/✔/✔/✔
Supported Categories
Categories of physical units  
International System of Units (SI) (e. g. Mega)
Illuminance (e. g. Lux)
Exposure (e. g. Luxsekunde)
Acceleration (e. g. m/s², Gal)
Bestrahlung (e. g. J/m²)
Beweglichkeit von Ladungsträgern (e. g. m²/Vs)
Brechkraft (e. g. Dioptrie)
Pressure, Stress (e. g. Pascal, Bar)
Dynamic Viscosity (e. g. Pascalsekunde)
Elektrische Feldstärke (e. g. V/m)
Elektrische Flussdichte (e. g. As/m²)
Elektrische Kapazität (e. g. Farad, As/V)
Elektrische Ladung (e. g. Coulomb) 
Elektrische Spannung (e. g. Volt) 
Elektrische Stromdichte (e. g. A/m²) 
Elektrische Stromstärke (e. g. Ampere) 
Elektrischer Leitwert (Wirkleitwert, e. g. Siemens) 
Elektrischer Widerstand (e. g. Ohm) 
Energie (e. g. Joule) 
Energiedosis (e. g. Gray) 
Fläche (e. g. m², square inch) 
Frequenz (e. g. Hertz) 
Geschwindigkeit (e. g. m/s, Knoten) 
Induktivität (e. g. Henry) 
Ionendosis (Exposition, e. g. C/kg) 
Katalytische Aktivität (e. g. kat, mol/h) 
Kinematische Viskosität (e. g. m²/s) 
Kraft (e. g. Newton, Kilopond) 
Kraftstoffverbrauch (e. g. mpg, liter/100 km) 
Leistung (e. g. Watt) 
Leistungsdichte (e. g. W/m³) 
Leistungsflächendichte (e. g. W/m²) 
Leistungsmassendihte (e. g. W/kg) 
Leuchtdichte (e. g. cd/m²) 
Lichtausbeute (e. g. Lumen/Watt) 
Lichtstrom (e. g. Lumen) 
Lichtstärke (Lichtintensität, e. g. Candela) 
Länge (e. g. Meter, inch) 
Längenbezogene Masse (e. g. g/m, Tex) 
Magnetische Feldstärke (e. g. A/m) 
Magnetische Flussdichte (Induktion, e. g. Tesla) 
Magnetische Spannung (e. g. Gilbert) 
Magnetischer Fluss (e. g. Weber) 
Masse (e. g. kg, Carat, Unze) 
Massenanteil (e. g. g/t) 
Massenfluss (e. g. kg/s) 
Massenkonzentration (e. g. kg/m³) 
Radioaktivität (e. g. Becquerel) 
Radioaktivität / Volumen (e. g. Bq/m³) 
Äquivalentdosis (e. g. Sievert, rem) 
Raumwinkel (e. g. Steradiant) 
Räumliche Energiedichte (e. g. J/m³) 
Schallpegel (e. g. Bel, Decibel) 
Spezifische Arbeit (e. g. J/kg) 
Spezifische Radioaktivität (e. g. Bq/kg) 
Spezifische Wärmekapazität (e. g. J/kg K) 
Spezifischer elektrischer Widerstand (e. g. Ohm-Meter) 
Spezifisches Volumen (e. g. m³/kg) 
Steigung (Prozent, Neigungswinkel) 
Stoffmenge (e. g. Mol) 
Stoffmengenanteil (e. g. Atomprozent) 
Stoffmengenkonzentration (e. g. mol/l) 
Temperatur (e. g. Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin) 
Volumen (e. g. m³) 
Volumenanteil (e. g. cl/l) 
Volumenfluss (e. g. m³/s) 
Wasserhärtegrade (e. g. mg CaO/l) 
Angle (Bogenmaß, Gradmaß, Zeitmaß, etc.) 
Time (e. g. Second) 
Non-physical Categories  
Counting (e. g. Dutzend)
Roman Numerals (e. g. XLII)
Positional Notations (Radix 2-36, e. g. Hexadecimal) / Number of Notations ✔/35
Fractions / with Periods ✔/✔
Exchange Rates / Historic Euroland ✔/✔
Spoken Numbers (as digits / as numbers / output as text / by audio) ✔/✔/✔/✔
Time in Words (colloquial / official / military / by audio) ✔/✔/✔/✔
Time Zones / with time delta / with distance delta ✔/✔/✔
Queries on a Date (Weekday, Sun Signs, etc.)
Date- and Time Formats
High Days and Holidays / supported countries ✔/30+ / 1040+
Calendar Systems (Gregorian Calendar, Maya, etc.) / supported calendar systems ✔/3
Digital fingerprints / Number of algorithms ✔/58
Farbcodes (e. g. RGB, HSB, etc.)
Data Storage (e. g. Gigabyte)
Data Transfer (e. g. Kilobit/s)
Performance of the Floating Point Unit (e. g. GFLOPS)
Resolution (e. g. Megapixel)
Phone Numbers, alphanumeric (e. g. 555-HELP)
International Dial Codes
Geographic Coordinates  (Latitude/Longitue / ECEF / Maidenhead Locator / MGRS / UTM /
GARS / USNG / GEOREF /  Natural Area Code)
Features of the Input Dialogs  
Setting of a date (Today / Week in Year) ✔/✔
Modification of a date (+Tage / +Wochen / + Monate / +Quartale / +Jahre) ✔/✔/✔/✔✔
Wikipedia-Link for the selected date
Digital View / Analog View / View in Realtime ✔/✔/✔
Manual input of the time / automatic input of the current time ✔/✔
Calculation of time differences (exact / colloquial / interest dates) ✔/✔/✔
timestamps can be time zone dependent
leap seconds can be taken into account
Methods of algorithms for the calculation of interest dates (ISMA, NASD, etc.) 7
Time differences can be arranged to different units of the time (e. g. 29 days = 4 weeks and 1 day)
Random Numbers
Sorting of the values / Vermeidung doppelter Zahlen ✔/✔
Grafische Darstellung mittels Würfel / max. Anzahl möglicher Würfel / Würfel können bunt sein ✔/512/✔
Protokollfunktion / auch als csv ✔/✔
Color RGB / HSL / HSV / CMYK ✔/✔/✔(4)/✔(4)
Exchange Rates
Supported exchange rate sites 30+
Update using graphical user interface / on the command line (e.g. for cronjobs or autostart) ✔/✔
Latest exchange rates / historic exchange rates can be loaded ✔/✔
Online / offline update possible ✔/✔

(1) Category has to be selected at first
(2) For now a modification of a config file is required
(3) by comma separated values (csv)

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The composition of the features in the table above have been published under the terms of the CC BY-SA 3.0 License.

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The Team

The founder of this project is Johann N. Löfflmann from Germany. Since 2001 he has been working with talented people all around the world in order to improve the NumericalChameleon, and learning new areas of knowledge. The list of contributors can always be found in the latest download package and in the copyright section.

GPL v3
OSI certified
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