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System Requirements

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Hardware / Operating System

Any computer that can run a Standard Java Runtime Environment version 11 and later can run the NumericalChameleon. See also the system requirements for the JRE.

Java Runtime Environment

In order to run the NumericalChameleon, you need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). You can get it for free for your platform/operating system. It is required to have at least the JRE version 11. It is recommended to install JRE 11 or later.

You can download free, prebuild OpenJDK binaries for different plattforms from one of the following links:

The installers of the NumericalChameleon (.exe for Windows and .dmg for macOS) bundle the JRE from

Disk space

In addition to the disk space requirement by the JRE (approx. 120 MB), it is required to have at least 30 MB diskspace for the NumericalChameleon.


You should have at least 1 GB physical memory installed.




The Team

The founder of this project is Johann N. Löfflmann from Germany. Since 2001 he has been working with talented people all around the world in order to improve the NumericalChameleon, and learning new areas of knowledge. The list of contributors can always be found in the latest download package and in the copyright section.

GPL v3
OSI certified
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