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Release Notes

What is new ?

Version 3.0.0 (February 28, 2020)

o compatibility changes:
  - command line options have changed slightly, see the manual for more information
  - changed the character encoding of the exchange rate filters from ISO 8859-1 to UTF-8
  - Windows .exe installer now bundles the OpenJDK 11.0.6 (JRE) from
  - macOS .deb now bundles the OpenJDK 11.0.6 (JRE) from
  - Retirement of the 32 bit Windows installer
  - Requirement of at least Java 11

o core functionality:
  - 6100 units (more than 900 units are new)
  - 94 categories

o new features:
  - added a new launcher called nc-nosplash.jar in order to start the app
    without a splashscreen (useful for updating exchange rates on the command line)
  - introduced system wide property called rates_update.policy in order to
    update exchange rates on application startup without the need to go to the command line
  - introduced several system wide properties for controlling the behavior of the
    exchange update rate policy
  - the user will be notified if a new version is available
  - introduced version.updateCheckAllowed in order to allow or disallow the update check
  - introduced property called version.<version>.outdated in order to avoid unnecessary requests
    about the update status if it is clear already that the installed app is outdated
  - introduced a property called version.<version>.lastChecked in order to minimize checks
    on the update status (once a day at most)
  - added the exchange rate properties called nonIsoCodesInFile and useNonIsoCodesOnly
    in order to specify non ISO codes, such as crypto currency codes (e.g. Bitcoin)
  - added 11 new exchange rate filters
  - added a user property called in order to specify where to
    get the help files, either from the Internet or the installation folder
  - improved installer for GNU/Linux:
    the Linux self extracting file (.bin) recognizes the user
    who calls sudo and changes owner permissions accordingly on install
  - temperatures: added Gas mark (for values greater or equals than one)
  - using the latest xml holidays data, the NC 3 supports more than 1000 holiday calculations
    from 38 countries including the new ones: Armenia, Chile, China, Taiwan, and the DDR

o graphical improvements
  - the number of available exchange rates services is visible
  - core information of the selected exchange rate service is available:
    provider name, domain name, number of supported exchange rates
  - each exchange rates service at the exchange rates update dialog got a country flag
  - exchange rates services can be sorted by continent and country, by
    the number of supported exchange rates (ascending and descending),
    and by alphabet (ascending and descending)
o internal improvements
  - using Apache's commons-cli 1.4 in order to parse the command line args
  - Exchange Rate update engine is being used by both the GUI and the CLI
  - added the removeTagsBeforeParsing property for the exchange rates filter engine
    in order to be able to parse particular web sites more easily
  - added the continent property for the exchange rate filter in order to be able to
    improve the sorting of the exchange rate filters
  - updated the user-agent list that is being used by some exchange rates filters
  - many smaller internal improvements (applying common design patterns)

o bug fixes:
  - fixed installer on GNU/Linux:
    Linux self extracting file didn't exit anymore if it doesn't find a JRE,
    it just only gives a warning
  - disabled obsolete exchange rate filters and updating the existing ones
  - updated the existing exchange rates filters
  - updated bundled jarfix from version 2.0.0 to version 3.0.0

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The Team

The founder of this project is Johann N. Löfflmann from Germany. Since 2001 he has been working with talented people all around the world in order to improve the NumericalChameleon, and learning new areas of knowledge. The list of contributors can always be found in the latest download package and in the copyright section.

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