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Without Installation (portable)

Portable applications have some advantages from a mobility point of view: you don't need to install them and you can carry both the application and the program data with you on an USB flash drive for example.

Program on an USB flash drive, the JRE from the system

Download and extract the file using your preferred unzip-application to a new folder.

Hint: Since Windows XP you can have a look into a .zip file using the Windows-Explorer, however that view is just virtual, i. e. the files are being listet by the Windows-Explorer, but they are not extracted. The files can be extracted by selecting all files and moving the files to a new folder. Alternatively you can use a different unzip program such as the free 7-zip.

In order to read and save the user properties in the program folder and not in the user folder, call nc-portable.jar rather than nc.jar.

Execute in <myapp>/bin User Properties are stored ...
nc.jar on GNU/Linux and Unix in the home directory called

on Windows in the user directory called
nc-portable.jar in the applicatoin folder

By default, the JRE on the computer system is used. The usage of a JRE on the system has significant performance advantages, however it requires a pre-installed JRE on the system. If you don't have a JRE installed yet, please get one for free from

Both program and JRE on an USB flash drive

If you want to load not only the program, but also the JRE from your external device, such as an USB flash drive, it is required to copy both the program and the JRE on the external device and to launch the actual program using the JRE which has been stored on the device. Dependend on the data transfer speed between host computer and external device, it could cause a decrease in performance, because not only the program, but also the JRE must be tranferred from the USB-Stick to the memory of the computer. Anyway, if you have the requirement to load the NC using that route, you can download the bundle which has been provided here. Please just extract the .zip file and copy the content on an (preferable empty) USB flash drive. Launch the executable that is suitable for your operating system.

Operating System Execute
Windows, 32 bit, x86 launchers\windows\nc-portable.exe
Windows, 64 bit, x86-64 launchers\windows_x64\nc-portable.exe
Linux, 32 bit, x86 launchers/linux/nc-portable
Linux, 64 bit, x86-64 launchers/linux_x64/nc-portable
Mac OS X 64 bit, x86-64 launchers/mac_os_x_x64/nc-portable
Solaris x86, 32 bit, x86-64 launchers/solaris/nc-portable
Solaris, 64 bit, x86-64 launchers/solaris_x64/nc-portable

Since the JREs on an external device cannot be updated automatically, you should update the JREs manually from time to time. The actual JREs for the operating systems are stored in a subfolder with a prefix called "jre".

If your external device is a FAT-32 formatted volume and the mount options for the partition don't allow executing scripts and binaries (for example if
the showexec mount option flag is set) you can start the script on the command line by entering "bash nc-portable".




The Team

The founder of this project is Johann N. Löfflmann from Germany. Since 2001 he has been working with talented people all around the world in order to improve the NumericalChameleon, and learning new areas of knowledge. The list of contributors can always be found in the latest download package and in the copyright section.

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